Clover Flex


Be it in the queue, at counters, in café, or at the table, Clover Flex will help you serve your customers faster and more efficiently than ever! Clover flex is a helpful wireless device for businesses – particularly retailer— and brings a variety of built-in capabilities to table to streamline many of your processes while keeping your customers delighted to the core. Having no cords attached the device gives full leverage of mobility. Whether you live in Houston, TX or anywhere else, Clover Flex is a few clicks away.

Clover flex’s payment system provides an added layer of online security, keeping the payment procedures convenient and safe to the utmost. An attached merchant account is a plus whether you buy the device directly from the company or resellers. Clover flex helps you enhance your business experience by seamless collecting customer feedback across and beyond Texas.

Give your business options.

Boost your business with Clover POS Solutions.

Let your business make its way to success, customer satisfaction, and higher returns without any hassle, bank-breaking investment or delay.


Clover Flex features include:

Fast, secure, and reliable payments to protect you and your customers
Full-featured solution that accepts EMV chip cards, PIN entry, EMV contactless (NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay), and swipe
5-inch touch screen display
Battery can last for a full day of business without a charge
Built-in printer, camera, QR code scanner
On-screen signature capture; emails, texts and stores receipts
Connectivity: Wi-Fi / 3G

Compatible Accessories

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