Clover Mobile


This battery-powered payment terminal can get your business running on the go. From real-time inventory updates to line busting, Clover Mobile can be your personalized POS solution. Clover Mini further offers a touch screen, rich features, intuitive interface, and wireless connectivity, turning any place a point of sale.

When paired with Clover Station or Clover Mini, it can provide numerous options to manage and extend your business in just a few taps – everywhere, without delay. Reporting and valuable insights via cloud, multiple custom-make apps, and effective marketing tools can take your business to a whole new level.

Don't keep your customers waiting.

Boost your business with Clover POS Solutions.

Let your business make its way to success, customer satisfaction, and higher returns without any hassle, bank-breaking investment or delay.


Clover Mobile Features Include

Quick Serve for add-on orders
Food truck owners
Restaurants for paying at the table
Retailers for “line busting” or inventory scanning
Mobile service professionals
Off Site events or festivals

Compatible Accessories

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